A Tweet from Heaven - Reviews
A Tweet from Heaven - Reviews

Runtime : 31 mins Rated: PG-13; Dolby-Digital 5.1; English and Spanish subtitles

A "Tweet from Heaven" is a touching faith-based film about a daughter (Stacey)'s mistake and her father's and Father (God)'s unwavering love and forgiveness. The story is about a family that deals with their 19-year old daughter's (Stacey) sexual mis-conduct and disobedience that leaves abortion as her only options and that decision will affect this family for generations to come. Will it be a curse or a blessing, will she deny faith, or will God get the Glory!

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A Tweet from Heaven
This is actually my second review. But I had to share the new news. I do Prison Ministry, and for my Bible study session with women inmates, I showed the film. Well, during the viewing, you could have heard the gentle inhale/exhale of breathing. After the viewing, a flood of emotion, testimony, and scripture reading abounded. One young lady who has not said anything in months (she just sits and smiles/listens) said, through tears, "I'm so glad you came in. I've been struggling over what to do about my boyfriend." She shared that it was a troubling, toxic relationship. Your film opened the door to dialogue and spiritual clarity. The ladies asked if I would bring the film the next time I come (for those who hadn't seen it. I will. Yvonne J. Medley, author and journalist, and prison ministry volunteer.

A Tweet from Heaven
The story was a highly thought-provoking motivator to engaging in much-needed dialogue about sex and relationships, choices, faith, consequences, integrity and Christianity. And that's just for starters. Because I serve in Prison Ministry, I'm taking "A Tweet from Heaven" behind the walls. It's a safe place for organizations, churches, and most of all, families to begin a conversation--the kind that can shape lives. The film brought out in viewers many layers of emotion . You could laugh, cry, and confirm the unconditional love-stream that flows between parents and their children. --Yvonne J. Medley, journalist and author

This short film moved my heart deeply. I felt the pain and disappointment of the parents. I felt the hurt of the main character, the daughter, and the sorrow of the wife whose husband had been unfaithful. And I also felt the joy experienced by all through forgiveness. I was so moved after seeing the Premiere of this film that I had Brother Goodson show the movie at Fort Washington Baptist Church, on Sunday morning, March 17, 2013, at both my 8 and 11 am services rather than preach. The movie ministered to the whole congregation...many of whom were moved as I had been. I encourage all to view this movie...encourage your family and friends to view it...discuss it...it can be life-changing. The movie speaks to generations for our Lord. It's a blessed production!

Pastor Darin Poullard,
Fort Washington Baptist Church
Fort Washington, MD

A gripping movie whose characters draw you in and leave you begging for it not to end.

Warren C.

A thought-provoking movie that deals with careless matters of a teenager that can destroy the fiber of a true family; yet the family graciously pulls it together through faith

Angelina W.

I actually cried while watching the movie "Tweet from Heaven" because it reminded me of my own relationship with my daughter. However, I was a bit disappointed that the movie strayed away from Terry Stanley's original play.

Ken M.

The movie was "absolute perfect" for the Lord. She is impress with your ability. God definitely gave you the whole thing right from the the start, from the altar. Thank you for being obedient; Obedience is better than sacrifice, I Samuel 15:22. .

Rev. Elizabeth Sincavage